Dear Mr. Pricco,
I look forward to coming back from vacation, and I'm continuing to practice in the meanwhile. You are one of the best teachers I've ever had. Thank you for the great lessons!


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Dear Max,

I know these presents don't begin to cover the amount of gratitude I have.  Lessons for the past four years have been amazing.  The atmosphere at the start was always welcoming and there was too much pressure to be a perfect musician.  Thank you for all the support and praise.  You are an unbelievably good flautist /clarinetist / saxophonist and an awesome teacher. Thank you for everything!
Anne B.    


Louis really loves the saxophone. He gets up early every morning and practices. You are a great teacher and we love you!
Tina G.


Dear Max,

Oh my gosh, can you believe that I've been your student since before middle school, and now I'm going to college? Having six years of lessons with you was alot of fun! You taught me so much ...I could not have done it without you. You are a phenomonal teacher!


To Max,

Thank you for your time and patience to teach me music. It has been a very fun experience and I hope to carry on what I have learned. Thank you!
Chikara Y.

Thank you for making music such a fun, rewarding experience for me. I appreciate your talent, your dedication, & your positive, supportive attitude, as a musician and as a teacher!



Hi Max,
Jonathan sounds so much better now, his middle notes are right there and his high notes are getting there.  Thanks so much for all your efforts and patience. You have made a big difference in his clarinet playing and sound.

Dear Max,

Thank you for teaching me so much about music on the flute and saxophone these past three years. I learned alot about the instruments and several different styles of music. The lessons were always enjoyable.

Zoe C.

Thank you for all your patience and support.  Being with you and music has always made me smile.
Carol K.



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